Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a website?

Whether you're using social media to promote your product/services or not, you absolutely need a website. A website acts like a store and a business card all in one. A website is yours unlike the content you put on social media. Technically, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest own the content that's uploaded to it. A website is a way to protect your digital creative assets.

What do you do exactly?

I create websites and teach social media basics. I guide entrepreneurs through how to set up their accounts, to helping create content. 

I am currently not accepting any new clients for social media management. 

Will you manage my social media?

Unfortunately, no. While I currently have a select number of clients, I am not a social media manager but I can recommend some agencies to you.

There are advantages to learning how to use social media yourself, just as there are advantages to hiring someone to do it. It really just depends on your business model and your budget.

Why do I need to learn social media?

Social media is now a part of everyday life. It's an effective marketing tool and makes it easy to find your target market. 

Social media has become a key way for people to communicate. Without it, you are essentially putting your business at a disadvantage.

While you might have a social media channel with your name on it, it's important to have a good understanding of the difference between your personal social media profile(s) versus your business profile(s). And yes, you need both.

It's not enough to simply be on a social media network; one must learn how to use it to be effective. 


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