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Why core values matter

The importance of strong core values

Core values are central to the long term success of an organisation. They bind it together, providing a framework for its employees' behaviour and interaction with its customers.

A strong, positive set of core values will enhance an organisation's productivity by:

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  • enabling recruitment of employees with aligned values
  • providing existing employees with clear guidance as to behavioural expectations; and
  • motivating employees by promoting a sense of belonging and pride in their organisation.

A coherent, accessible and appealing set of core values also helps improve customer service and marketing of an organisation and its products and services. Once customers and the wider public begin to associate values and standards with an organisation, the trust building process has started. As a result, customers will naturally be more comfortable buying new services or products from that company.

How we can help you

As specialists in ethical communications, Nutmeg understands the importance of core values, and our advisers have the integrity and observational skills to help organisations develop their own core values in a way which is natural for the personality of that organisation.

We help organisations to identify and develop their core values, encourage their adoption by employees and communicate them more effectively to their customers, investors and wider public. We use a range of survey tools, interview techniques and employee workshops to achieve this. For more details of our services, please see in particular the following pages:

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